Top 3 accomplishments of 2018

As the year comes to an end, I like to reflect on my favorite moments and hope to make the next year better. Last year, I posted my top 3 accomplishments of 2017, and as long as I blog I hope to continue posting my top 3 accomplishments each year.

2018 Honorable mentions:

  • Riding 90% of the rides in Disneyland on a Saturday and coming in 13th place in Gumball Rally with college roomie Andrew Quan 

  • -
    • Staying awake for an entire Avengers movie in theaters [Infinity Wars with Danna], I fell asleep in the other two 
    • Shaking hands with Justice Sonia Sotomayor at the American Constitution Society convention
      • Thanks Rei Onishi for encouraging me to apply for the public interest scholarship for the ACS convention! 
    • Finally beating an "escape room" with Gregg R. (It took over 3 years for this, but all the SF ones I've tried had low escape rates) 
    • Getting a selfie with La Jaconde/Mona Lisa
    • Sitting for almost 3 hours straight (well, a few standing breaks and no bathroom break) at a Yo Yo Ma concert listening to only him play cello [w/ Jocelyn K.] 
    • Eating at McDonald's University/HQ in Chicago [per Miko Tam's suggestion]
    Most of the above are not really accomplishments, but I guess I'm glad I did them. On a more serious note-

    My top 3 accomplishments of 2018 are: 

    1. Becoming a Deputy Attorney General (DAG)

    One of my professional goals last year was to apply for a new job once my appointment at the Governor's Office expired, and I was fortunate enough to accept an offer from California's Department of Justice as a Deputy Attorney General. This was a position I wanted when I was in law school, and something I told my interviewers at the Governor's Office not knowing that two of them were previously DAGs themselves.
    My new boss, Xavier Becerra

    As a lawyer for California's chief law officer, I'm excited to improve my litigation skills while serving my state. This is also a Department I will hopefully stay in for the long run!

    2. Completing the New Leaders Council (NLC) Fellowship

    The NLC fellowship was a 6-month long leadership training program where I along with 20 others in my cohort shared professional goals, heard from amazing speakers, and learned how to be better progressives. It also exposed to me a great community and network, and my NLC mentor even introduced me to folks at the AG's Office. Giving up a full weekend for 6 months was no joke, and I'm proud to have graduated with a class of such inspiring people!

    P.S. if you're interested in applying, let me know and I can nominate you for a chapter in a major city nearby you!

    3. Working on my first Pro Bono case

    Although I'm now a 3rd year attorney, being in state government it's pretty hard to do pro bono work since my job is public service. Through the Disaster Legal Services Program of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (free to sign up for the first year), I signed up as a volunteer lawyer to assist in FEMA reviews for severe Tropical Cyclone Gita that devastated American Samoa. The storm in February 2018 caused over $200 million of damage, and I represented a client whose home was damaged from the storm in her FEMA appeal. I spent several hours on a weekend learning about legal remedies for disaster relief and also got to help someone less fortunate who was appreciative of me putting together a FEMA rejection appeal. I only wish I had used my google phone to call my client in Samoa instead of using my cell phone.

    2018 wasn't so bad a year, hoping I can impact more lives and make the world a better place in 2019!


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