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What it's like to gym on reopening day

TLDR: The gym was sanitized, but still seems risky for air transmission of COVID and I would not recommend going if you are uncomfortable being around people not wearing masks. I have been a 24 Hour Fitness member since 2012, and I've bought the Costco member 2 year super sport pass for $599 3 times. My main gym is the Downtown Sacramento Super Sport. It reopened today- but 24 has been pretty good at sending updates, i.e. when it closed in March, and how they were planning on reopening: I reserved a workout time on the 24GO app the day before: I arrived around 6:05, and could not get in because the club was closed for cleaning. The club manager informed me that they start cleaning at 6 and it takes 25 minutes. That reassured me re: sanitation as 20 or so people walked out without wearing masks. I also saw the manager cleaning the door. (screenshot of 24's safety video) People were crowding around the entrance, and not lining up according to blue tape outside whi

What it's like to get a drive up COVID test (in Sacramento)

TLDR: it was quick and pretty easy, I just gave up all my privacy rights (and agreed to be contact traced), but at least it gave me peace of mind I did not have COVID. ALSO: I did not have any symptoms, have been working from home and social distancing, and took the test to have peace of mind before visiting home.  I heard about the drive thru testing in Sacramento through the SacBee , and after seeing someone post about their experience - I thought I would sign up. Verily research conducts the test, which is meant for people in CA who do not need immediate attention. You can sign up here: . Here is a timeline of the process: Friday, May 29 - sign up for 10:30 AM appointment on Monday, June 1  June 1 - 10:15 AM- arrive at Cal Expo  Drive to the old Disneyland California letters, to realize that is the wrong entrance 10:18-20 - drive around to other entrance and to check-in area Confirm my appointment time wit