Boston Museums

If you are visiting Boston and like art, history, or want some cool instagram pics, there are several museums where you can observe art and people attempting to get the good gram pic. I visited the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Isabella Gardner (IG), and Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).  The MFA had the most variety and a must for art lovers, the IG was for those who want a ig pic, and ICA is good if you can get a free Thursday night ticket and love Kusama (there is an infinity room exhibit).  Museum of Fine Arts (MFA): The MFA is for international art aficionados, with art from all of the world and many different time periods. There are several levels featuring art from: Americas, Egypt, Greece and Rome, Asia, and Europe, Africa, etc. I spent over 2 hours and one can easily spend 3-5 hours if you want to look and read everything. Some highlights were: Chihuly tree,  Paul Revere portrait: Cat mummy: Crazy to think of all the Egyptian things that are in the US now. Van Gogh Gaugin Anim