TeamLab Planets Review + Tips

  TeamLab Planets is purported to be Asia's top museum, where you can "become one with the world". Similar to TeamLab Borderless, I'd recommend if you like immersive art, and this one is unique in that the art involves being barefoot at some points, treading through water, and getting to experience an urban version of nature. I did both TeamLab Borderless and Planets and recommend doing both if you can squeeze it. Since I did Borderless first, that experience was nearly 2 hours while I only spent 45 min-1 hour in Planets, but you can easily spend 2-3 hours in each (but overall there is more to see in Borderless).  Here are my tips for teamLab Planets:  1. Buy tickets 2 months in advance - and buy first entry time. This website was easier than Teamlab Borderless and accepted my American credit card. First entry time had a few advantages: Since we speed ran the crystal universe, going first in the morning we had many exhibits to ourselves, even on a weekend. Also, I

teamLab Borderless

teamLab Borderless reopened in Tokyo February 2024- and if you like immersive art, infinity rooms, and want some potential cool IG shots- I recommend checking it out!  (Bubble Universe) I went at opening and spent over 1.5 hours (having already seen a few of the other exhibits in other teamLabs in Singapore and SF, I would budget over 2 hours if this is first teamLab ever),  (Crystal universe - also in Singapore, teamlab Planets) including going into the tea house (for a drink and immersive ice cream)-  I just wish I found the "Bubble Universe" room earlier- but with over 70 different "experiences"/exhibits - it does seem truly infinite!  What is teamLab Borderless? teamLab Borderless is "a group of artworks that form one continuous, borderless world." Universe/water particles room "Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other,

Grand Hyatt Tokyo - Hotel Review

On my first visit to Tokyo I stayed at the Grand Hyatt for two nights on a Friday and Saturday night- it felt like an upscale property and the highlights for me were the club access and the spa. I'd recommend if you have Hyatt status or a club award access, and plan to do TeamLab Borderless. Otherwise I didn't take subway a lot but it is near Roppongi station. The Elevator Lobby  Pros:  Concierge via email was helpful in booking dinners in advance Balmain amenities in Bathroom  Club lounge Happy Hour + Breakfast (if booked club access) Nice Sauna area + massage chairs  Manageable walk to new teamlab borderless  Cons:  Not super convenient from airport - taxi from Haneda was pricey  A little outdated - i.e. huge monitor in bathroom, only one sink Check-in:  At the arrival area, during check in the concierge handed me an envelope with directions and a map to dinner locations (I emailed them about a month in advance for where I wanted to eat for dinner in Tokyo). The room: Booked-