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What it's like to see Yo Yo Ma

In short: mesmerizing, thought-provoking, and transportive. I got a ticket to see cello master Yo Yo Ma at the Greek Theater on UC Berkeley campus through my good friend Jocelyn. After eating bomb pork and chicken buns and decent ramen at Ippudo and getting fluffy but lacking-in-flavor lemon cake from an almost-breadless 85 degrees, Jocelyn and I hiked up to Cal's outdoor amphitheater. If you do ever go to the Greek- I'd recommend first trying to get lawn seating because it seems so chill, but if you sit in the amphitheater bring a cushion and dress appropriately (it gets cold at night/generally in the bay). Yo Yo Ma played a 2 hr and 15 minutes set of 6 Bach suites, with no intermission and very short breaks. He performed only by himself- no symphony or orchestra. I have never experienced a show like this- it was sometimes awkward and uncomfortable to silently sit for so long but at the same time so peaceful and a time for some introspection. Here are some o