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January 2021 Favorites

Essentially copying Halika Dito and because I didn't really have a ton of content to blog about- I'll just summarize my past month by also posting randomly "monthly favorites."  Source: instagram Bridgerton - I'm a sucker for Shondaland, (I miss Scandal, and was meh about HTGAWM but finished it anyways), and Bridgerton featured sex, gossip, and classical interpretations of TSwift and Ariana Grande. My friends thought some episodes were basically porn. Anyways, although a few characters were annoying, I found Bridgerton fun and entertaining. Other Netflix mentions: Finding Ohana (a cute Hawaiian adventure movie), and Bling Empire (the Asians are here!) Ito En Black milk tea : I find these at my local Grocery Outlet [Bargain Market] for $.50 a pop, and these are a sweet but refreshing afternoon drink that gives me just the perk to power through the last few hours of work. They do have 32 grams of sugar a bottle, but I still like to think it's healthier and che

2020 Reflections

Usually around the end of the year, I have written posts like " what's on my Christmas wishlist " and " Top 3 accomplishments  of the year." I'm already seeing lots of people on social media being shamed for saying how 2020 wasn't so bad for them, while simultaneously seeing others post monthly highlights of 2020. Like many other folks, this past year definitely provided lots of opportunity for reflection: i.e. what is my impact on the Earth/environment, how do my individual actions affect other people, and what is the meaning of life (a theme explored in Pixar's "Soul" which was so good). While a global pandemic was definitely unexpected, I do want to look back with "positive reflections" on 2020. A non-exhaustive list inspired by my friends' such as Christina and Camellia included positive reflections such as:  prioritizing self-care reading more books cooked/baked more supported small businesses  wear a mask  Voting Trump o