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Resorts World review

Vegas has a new "Asian" themed Hilton/Genting hotel called: Resorts World, and I spent a Sunday at the Conrad. Resorts World has over 3000 rooms in the Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords, an infinity pool, a night market-food court with a speakeasy (all next to the casino), and even a Crazy Rich Asians Slot Machine!   (Unfortunately, this machine did not make me a Crazy Rich Asian). The positives: the artwork/decor, nice pool chairs, mostly friendly staff who complimented my boba shorts, a nice gym with Pelotons, the Famous Eats Street Market and Speakeasy were cool to check out, and I slept super well in the bed.  The negatives: the check-in to get my key took a while, the self-parking is far, wifi didn't work, it is far walking to the strip, the Crazy Rich Asians machine took my $$, and it was generally pricey.  The Art: by far my favorite part of the resort, and the Conrad especially featured the “Water Sleeve Dance” theme.  Crockford featured Tracie Cheng- whose art is a