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Top 3 accomplishments of 2018

As the year comes to an end, I like to reflect on my favorite moments and hope to make the next year better. Last year, I posted my top 3 accomplishments of 2017 , and as long as I blog I hope to continue posting my top 3 accomplishments each year. 2018 Honorable mentions: Riding 90% of the rides in Disneyland on a Saturday and coming in 13th place in Gumball Rally with college roomie Andrew Quan  - Staying awake for an entire Avengers movie in theaters [Infinity Wars with Danna], I fell asleep in the other two  Shaking hands with Justice Sonia Sotomayor at the American Constitution Society convention Thanks Rei Onishi for encouraging me to apply for the public interest scholarship for the ACS convention!  Finally beating an "escape room" with Gregg R. (It took over 3 years for this, but all the SF ones I've tried had low escape rates)  Getting a selfie with La Jaconde/Mona Lisa Sitting for almost 3 hours straight (well, a few standing breaks and n

What do you get out of a Food sensitivity test?

Short answer: A list of Foods with High and Moderate Reactivity, Environmental Sensitivity, Mineral Analysis, and the option to pay them more $ DISCLAIMER: The results below are just food sensitivity and not my actual allergies- I have yet to ask my doctor how to do a skin allergy test and whether it is actually necessary. Why do a food sensitivity test?  Since I already gave up my genetic information to 23andme and one of my #30goalsbefore30 was to do an allergy test, I figured I might as well try to figure out what I'm allergic to and make my physical weaknesses publicly accessible. But besides that, I thought maybe knowing what foods to avoid will make me healthier and live a more comfortable life. Also, I am becoming more hypochondriac as I age and 1% of me is paranoid that I am deathly allergic to something and don't know about it. What company did I use?  I decided to try out this "Allergy Testing Company," (somewhat of a misnomer if you read my dis

30 goals before 30 - Lessons learned and Amending my list to 20 goals before 2020

About a year ago, I started my blog and came up with a list of 30 goals before 30 . How did I do in terms of reaching these goals? I've been crossing off ones I've accomplished, and sadly, I only did 7/30 this past year. Barely over 20% of my goals is not so great, my excuses being: Some are objectively hard to measure or actually take 3 years to accomplish Feeling too tired to do anything productive after work  Life  Analyzing by category- I accomplished more professional goals than others and sadly neglected  health, finance, and fun. This past year, I learned that I need to be more realistic with my goals. Some of my unrealistic ones include: Apply for jeopardy (I love watching, but the questions are so damn hard nowadays)  Apply for program in Cambridge (student loans T_T)  Lower body fat to 15%  Thus, while I am proud to have accomplished some of my goals, I am deciding to adapt and make my list more realistic. As a [newbie] civil litigator, I will grant