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Disneyland in a Pandemic + Avengers Campus

I went to Disneyland for my cousin Millie's birthday the day before California's reopening- and at 35% capacity at it was pretty sweet!  The emptiest I've seen Main Street at noon. I got to ride Rise of the Resistance (ROTR) and the new Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure at Avengers Campus on the same day! But a lot has changed: no fastpass for now, reservation only at certain restaurants and rides, and no shows or parades (but tentatively some set in July). Below are some tips if you are interested in Avengers Campus/navigating the virtual queues.  Download the Disneyland App The App is where you can reserve the date you go, buy your ticket, link tickets with your group, virtual queue for ROTR, Indiana Jones, and/or Webslingers, make mobile food orders, and check out wait times. If you have a park hopper- be strategic about which park you reserve first  I.e. if you just care about seeing Avengers campus- go to DCA first and queue for Slingers first  Wake up at 7 AM to vi

Miami - the most Ratchet city I've ever visited- "like Vegas on the water"

I went to Miami last week, and if I had to describe it one word- it would be "ratchet." My (recently-married!) friend Alexis said it is "like Vegas on the water." My boss's boss basically told me there is nothing to do in Florida except drink, which is basically true. It was still fun - and below were other highlights I recommend:  Vizcaya Gardens- Kind of like the Getty- some art in a building, and nice gardens for pics. Wynwood-  art murals and an equally hipster food/drink/acai bowl scene Havana Harry's - recommended by my coworker Trey - I would recommend splitting a ropa vieja if you eat meat, or other entree such as seafood (they are so big and portion is for two) and get a dessert - we were too full but I wanted to try the 5 leches!  Breadman Miami- Ropa de vieja empanada (for meat eaters) - and lots of sweet options! The meat pies/empanada were better than Porto's (though Porto's potato balls definitely can't be beat) The Beach - North Mi