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How to survive one of the world's longest flights

Short answer: if you can, bid to upgrade, but if not, at the very least fly Singapore Airlines, and rest lots before and bring sleeping pills Two weekends ago I flew from SFO to Singapore, which was estimate to be 16 hours and 40 minutes . Actual flight time was about 15 hours and 40 minutes. The world's longest flight is Newark to Singapore, which is 2-3 hours longer. Below are very few pics of my journey and some tips to survive this very long flight. If you have priority pass - get some food at the airport before  In SF I had Yankee Pier in Terminal 3 - and a mimosa and this NorCal scramble was $1 after the $28 credit from Priority Pass. ( I left $5 because I think a tip is still encouraged). The mimosa helped me feel more relaxed - yay bubbly  The Singapore Airlines plane itself was large - I sat closer towards the back which wasn't great- but the location was fine because I was in between 10 bathrooms - 8 in the midsection area and 2 behind me. Th