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16 hours in Singapore

Before going to Joey's wedding in Bali, Janet and I touched down in Singapore for 16 hours, which I used to basically preview my Crazy Rich Asians (CRA) themed Dirty 30 next year. Some highlights: eating at the CRA food market, drinking at the top of Marina Bay Sands, and meeting some of Janet's old friends! Here's an hour-by-hour breakdown of my 2/3 of a day layover in Singapore: 6:34 PM | Land in Changi, go through Immigration, get confused trying to find pickup area for Grab (Asian lyft/uber) Hour 1: 7:30 PM | Check into Carlton City Hotel - shower after 17 hour flight, change Here's me in the fancy lobby while Janet checked us in Hour 2: 8:40 PM | Newton Food Center - we got picked up by Janet's friends and went to the Food Center where they filmed Crazy Rich Asians! On our table: sea snails, satay, sting ray, chili crab, veggies, chicken wings, sambal, and Tiger beer. My favorite was actually the sting ray even though I'm not

What its like to attend a Wedding in Bali

Magical, beautiful, and better than "Eat Pray Love" the movie! My friend Joey, who I've known since 2010, invited me out to Bali for her and her husband Sonny's wedding. Despite barely planning the trip, my coworker Janet and I made it out to Indonesia. The wedding ceremony took place near Uluwatu- on the westside of Bali, with clear blue pools over looking the horizon. Their was a nice zen-like walkway, leading up to a stunning glass building with an amazing view of the ocean. The ceremony was full of fresh and fragrant Balinese flowers,there were Indonesian staff serenading love songs (in English), and I even saw monkeys playing on the tree outside. After the ceremony itself, the photographers arranged for separate groups i.e. bride's family, groom's family, coworkers, friends from United States, etc. to take pictures with the bride and groom. We then took a bus to the reception venue, and it was cocktail hour/wine time. After grabbin