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Alila Ventana Big Sur: Living the Lux Life

TLDR: Alila Ventana is a worth a stay if you have $$$ or Hyatt points to spare and want to live the lux life in Big Sur without crowds. This "food-inclusive" experience doesn't include all you can drink or eat (you have to pay for alcohol), but the experience is essentially glamping to a much higher level. I would not recommend if you don't like hiking or are very afraid of bees. I stayed at the Alila Ventana in Big Sur for my "Dirty 30"/"Golden" B-day on the 30th- it felt indulgent, and at times it was very relaxing, as some moments were the most peaceful I've ever had in my life. Social distancing in serenity. How to book: Originally, I saw an article on TPG and had tried calling Hyatt to book with points, but they said there was no availability for a year and a half. I checked availability on the Hyatt app every other day or so, and was able to book a Big Sur Suite about 5 days before for 48,000 Hyatt points (transferred 1:1 f