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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

TL;DR - If you really like Van Gogh, want to have an "Emily in Paris" moment, or love observing IG bfs getting on the ground so that their partner gets a good gram, then I recommend going. Otherwise, it's just a 35 minute movie projection of Van Gogh art and a subpar "L'Atelier des Lumières."  The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is in several major cities in the US and is essentially a 35 minute movie projected in a room where you can immerse yourself in Van Gogh's art. I bought tickets with my friend Danna in early December for "off peak"/weeknight tickets which are slightly discounted ($10 cheaper). Expectation: top pic grazia, bottom left - tiktok/ig of Les Misabella I thought it would be comparable to "L'Atelier des Lumières" (featured in Emily in Paris but also just a tourist attraction in Paris I've wanted to check out)  Reality:  The Exhibit is in a small old building on Market and Van Ness. The staff member outside scanned

My COVID19 Vaccine experience at UC Davis Health

TL,DR; UCD was efficient, and getting the vaccine was a breeze. I even wore my special UCD appreciation shirt: I got my first shot of a COVID19 vaccine yesterday morning, about 12 hours after signing up around 8:30 pm (2 hours after UC Davis health tweeted that anyone aged 16+ would be eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment.)  Scheduling online was simple and fast (although I have heard you can call now to schedule through the end of April.) After filling out some personal info online, I got an email confirmation for my appointment the next morning. There were lots of slots available since the news hadn't spread as much- and slots were in 10 minute increments. I also tweeted UC Davis Health's Director of Media relations to confirm that everything was legit.  The next morning, I arrived at the Sacramento Scottish Rite Masonic Center. There was plenty of parking, and even a golf cart offering to drive folks who parked further away. Upon entrance, greeters asked people