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Vegas eats

One of my favorite things to do in Vegas (and in life) is eat. The food scene in Vegas is getting better and better and there are always more places to check out. Some highlights of my MDW trip were Shang Artisan Noodle  and dessert at Bacchanal . Below are some things I ate during my 3 day trip to Sin City-  But first: mid-flight mimosa (I used a complimentary SW drink ticket) Theme of Day 1: Fried Chicken (Chicky Chicky Fry Fry) Brunch: Hash House a go-go | Linq For three people, we shared chicken and waffles, a pecan salad, and a side of scrambled eggs. This is my 4th time having the chicken and waffles here. It was ok, it always feels too heavy and this is one of those places that I think is mostly worth trying once. The waffles have bacon inside, and are a little too dry for my liking, I couldn't even finish one. The chicken was cooked well, juicy, and this time I appreciated the fried green onion which my friend Betty emphasized. Snack: McDonalds (not picture

The Great American Lie: Documentary Review

The Great American Lie (GAL), is a documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, First Partner of California (thus, wife of Governor Gavin Newsom). I attended a screening in Sacramento through my yelp friend Gregg R., where Jen introduced the movie and afterwards had a quick Q & A with the infamous Pam Wu (yay UC Davis connections). The documentary opens with a scene in Oakland of a child from a poorer neighborhood talking about what they perceive the "American dream" to be. The film is more of a sociological examination of American's problems with some political commentary, as experts (professors, lawyers, economists, and Gavin Newsom) explain how "a majority of Americans have been failed by the myth of social mobility." The film follows various American's struggles: from a Oakland principal to an Ohio steelworker to a white lady in Louisiana with a racist mother and other people in the "majority." This touches on many themes: education, inco