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Friends Pop-Up in SF

Basically it's a chance for you to act with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, record yourself singing "Smelly Cat," and pose at Central Perk. Thanks Danna for taking me and telling me about the pop-up! What's the pop-up?  A tribute to the TV show Friends. Where in SF? AT&T Store 1 Powell St,  San Francisco, CA 94102 Basically, it's at Union Square across the Westfield mall, and near the cablecar station. What is there to do?  Check out everything Friends related! Upon immediately entering the store, you can see photo ops with the famous fountain in the opening credits, doors to Monica's apartment, and a group cast photo. If you go upstairs, you have the chance to record a scene with Rachel and Monica! After doing the scene, you can record it from a TV. But they don't send you the recorded scene, I guess that would be a lot of data. The replica of the apartment is pretty spot on! Famous Joey quote: You can also record yo


Last month, I went to Austin, Texas for NAPABA (the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association convention). lt's also known for live music, being the capitol of Texas, and of course, BBQ. Below are some of the highlights of my trip: My first meal was Pappadeaux, a throwback to my UCLA mock trial days. I had a shrimp po boy and shrimp gumbo. Both were delicious, but also not pictured is a loaf of bread which I had half of, and there was so much food I could barely finish all the shrimp! Before going to the first NAPABA mixer, I checked out the state capitol, where the lone star was part of the rotunda. I also wanted to check out the flagship Whole Foods - which I mistook for a hospital at first. I was disappointed that the acai bowl machine was broken, and still broken two days later. :(  Another throwback- catching up with my friend David Hong from GBB in Panama who I haven't seen since 2012! Before calling it a night, I stopped by Voodoo donu