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The Art of Banksy- SF Exhibition

TL:DR if you are interested in viewing over 100+ pieces of Banksy in what is advertised as the "largest Banksy Exhibit ever assembled", the Art of Banksy is a featured in an exhibition at the Palace of Fine arts in San Francisco, with tickets ranging from $40-$70.  It does not appear to be endorsed by Banksy, who would probably be anti-captalist about the exhibition, but maybe would want his artwork and message spread anyways. There are a lot of screen prints, quotes, and you can spend 1-2 hours pondering political and social commentary expressed through "art." At the end there are 5 photo-ops i.e. you can be a girl with balloon; and there's also a VIP lounge that is probably not worth the extra $30 unless you really want to see the exhibit and there are only VIP tix left.  Logistics:  Parking - if you can, get dropped of at 3601 Lyon St- I parked on the opposite side and walked all the way across in the rain which was not fun.  Tickets can be purchased for e

Miyazaki exhibition + Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

If you are a weeabo fan of Hayao Miyazaki and happen to be in LA before June 5, 2022, I recommend checking out the Miyazaki Exhibition at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures .  The Academy Museum is also cool for avid-movie fans, although parts are still being built so it currently feels a bit incomplete. What to expect for the Miyazaki Exhibit:  No pictures are allowed inside, but there's a few stills of films and a preview of the themes to explore: flying in a fantasy world and experiencing perspectives of protagonists that deal with real human issues of "industry, war, and pollution." The whole experience felt like a journey back into childhood as you enter the exhibit leaving a sense of fantasy when you exit. I felt a wave of nostalgia as I heard Joe Hisaishi's memorable soundtracks and gazed at beautiful sketches of concept art and watched powerful scenes from Miyazaki's films. One of my friend Betty's complaints was that some of the film screenings ha