What do you get out of a Food sensitivity test?

Short answer: A list of Foods with High and Moderate Reactivity, Environmental Sensitivity, Mineral Analysis, and the option to pay them more $

DISCLAIMER: The results below are just food sensitivity and not my actual allergies- I have yet to ask my doctor how to do a skin allergy test and whether it is actually necessary.

Why do a food sensitivity test? 

Since I already gave up my genetic information to 23andme and one of my #30goalsbefore30 was to do an allergy test, I figured I might as well try to figure out what I'm allergic to and make my physical weaknesses publicly accessible. But besides that, I thought maybe knowing what foods to avoid will make me healthier and live a more comfortable life. Also, I am becoming more hypochondriac as I age and 1% of me is paranoid that I am deathly allergic to something and don't know about it.

What company did I use? 

I decided to try out this "Allergy Testing Company," (somewhat of a misnomer if you read my disclaimer), mostly because it was slightly discounted on Groupon.
How much was it? 

Originally a food and environmental allergy and sensitivity test with digestive health and metabolism analysis was $59, but after a 25% code I paid slightly under $45.

What's the process? 

  1. Redeem voucher on website
  2. Fill out information
  3. Cut 6-8 strands of hair longer than one inch, close to scalp 
  4. Seal hair in ziploc bag
  5. Mail with printed information sheet 
  6. Receive email confirmation that samples were received a few days later
  7. Receive email a few weeks later that results are available

What do you get out of a Food sensitivity test?
(alternatively, what Foods are Steven E. Vong sensitive to?)
  • Food sensitivity (NOT ALLERGY)
    • My body has high reactivity to MSG, caviar, cow milk, and mammal milk 
    • I am moderately sensitive to avocados
      • I already knew I was lactose intolerant, so this will just further justify my purchase of lactaid pills. The avocado saddens me, but I realize I don't eat it too often and it's only moderately potentially harmful. 

  • Environmental sensitivity 

    • I already knew most of these... 
  • Mineral Analysis 
    • This makes me want to take Vitamin B pills and eat more leafy green vegetables... 
And lastly, the option for additional testing. 

In conclusion...
Did I learn anything super useful from this $45 test? Nothing that I already suspected. 
I'm definitely not shelling out $100 more to see if I'm sensitive to bacteria. 
While it's cool that all this came from a few strands of hair, I guess the main takeaway is that you generally know how your body reacts to certain food and a balanced diet is one the most important factors to maintaining good health. 

TL;DR, skip this product and eat healthy. 


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