30 goals before 30 - Lessons learned and Amending my list to 20 goals before 2020

About a year ago, I started my blog and came up with a list of 30 goals before 30.

How did I do in terms of reaching these goals?
I've been crossing off ones I've accomplished, and sadly, I only did 7/30 this past year.
Barely over 20% of my goals is not so great, my excuses being:
  • Some are objectively hard to measure or actually take 3 years to accomplish
  • Feeling too tired to do anything productive after work 
  • Life 
Analyzing by category- I accomplished more professional goals than others and sadly neglected  health, finance, and fun.

This past year, I learned that I need to be more realistic with my goals. Some of my unrealistic ones include:
  • Apply for jeopardy (I love watching, but the questions are so damn hard nowadays) 
  • Apply for program in Cambridge (student loans T_T) 
  • Lower body fat to 15% 
Thus, while I am proud to have accomplished some of my goals, I am deciding to adapt and make my list more realistic. As a [newbie] civil litigator, I will grant my [own] motion to amend my list.

Below is my list of 20 goals before 2020 (the year I turn 30).

1) Read 1 book or scholarly article a month - 10/12 ( I need to make up for the past 3 months... also taking suggestions for my reading list!)
2) Organize all of my digital photography and upload to Google Photos

3) Set up informational interviews with an attorney/professional once a month
4) Become a Board Member of a legal organization
5) Make 40 under 40/rising lawyer list
6) Guest lecture in a law school class
7) Do 50 hours of pro bono work for the CA Bar's Wiley Manuel certificate
8) Apply for a Inn of Court abroad program

9) Lower body fat to 18% (15 is too difficult for me... I'm currently around 21- I went up since my DXA scan)
10) 20 hot yoga classes a year (33/60 - the hobby is too expensive minus $40 for 30 day trials)

Family & Friends:
11) Fund a trip for my immediate family (Banff?)
12) Treat parents out to a nice dinner

13) Actually invest money (Disney stock?)

14) Set foot in a new continent (South America? Australia?)
15) Crazy Rich Asians themed 30th B-Day bash in Singapore w/ Josey + Addy +  Ee Von + Abby + Car and Cam + more?!?
16) Dine at a Michelin starred restaurant (Maido)
17) Drive down Highway 1

18) Get Gold Status on Yelp - 2 more years of Elite and hoping to write 100 reviews/year
19) Bake something I've seen on Great British Bake Off or Food Network
20) Try cross country skiing

Hoping to accomplish at least 10 of these by the end of 2019 but we shall see!


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