All I want for Christmas (2018)

Before this year's wishlist (if you want to see it, scroll down) I'd like to reminisce about what I posted about what I wanted for Christmas in 2017.

Looking back, I'm thinking WTF. While I fondly remember dividing my list to make things simpler, my list was pretty dumb:

  • Happiness
    • Generally, making time for things I enjoy/not taking life too seriously
What? I need to wish for things that are more tangible. 
    • Life Size 2 to actually come out in 2018 and be comparable to the original
This one IS coming true, and I have yet to see it but based on teasers, it looks like it will be a trainwreck. 
  • Quality time with friends and family 
    • Little things not on my #30GoalsBefore30 list, like getting meals or hiking, etc.
    • Being in top 5 of Gumball Rally 2018 w/ Andrew
FAILED - we got 13th, but it was actually still a fun day attempting to ride all the rides at Disneyland despite not being in top 5.
  • Professional success/growing my skills as a lawyer
    • Surviving year 2 of being an attorney
I'm now at the Attorney General's office and learning a lot and enjoying practicing law more and more, so this wish came true! 
    • Getting more involved in legal organizations 
Meh. I went to the ACS and NAPABA conventions this year, but need to be more dedicated to networking and actually contributing to an org. 

MATERIAL THINGS (basically see my Amazon wishlist, but in addition:) - thanks for the water flosser Danna, I used it occasionally before my incompetent ass broke it
  • A picture with my (now ex-)boss
thank u, next
  • AirPods
Still have never tried these. 

So that was 2017. Time to upgrade. 

Here is my 2018 Christmas Wishlist: 

NON-MATERIAL THINGS (this is semi-boring)
  • Time off for an international vacation
  • To pass probation at work

  • Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky

  • Ariana Grande themed Goddess/"God is a Woman" Lush bath bomb - apparently it's $9

  • A Crazy Rich Asian parody shirt (or even a tank, or any CRA merch really) 
And because I can acknowledge how extra I am: 

A color changing salt lamp, because my 3 normal salt lamps are nice but could be EVEN BETTER


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