What's on my Christmas Wishlist?

To understand what's on my Christmas wishlist, you need to first understand that I'm the kind of person that is never satisfied with what I have. Being super type-A, (and blood type A+, I mean, positive) I have this "warped thinking" that everything in my life [and the world] could be improved. If I had a limitless amount of money, I'd splurge on the highest thread count bamboo bed-sheets, grandest Stearns & Foster mattress like ones in 5-Star hotel suites, and buy enough lululemon so I wouldn't have to do laundry after every hot yoga class I finish. But I also have insane non-material desires too, like becoming the first Cambodian-American Justice on the California Supreme Court, winning a vacation sweepstakes on Instagram, and finishing the Amazing Race (for the experience and being featured on TV, although I wouldn't turn down a million dollars).

(I'd also make Candy Christmas trees in a pop up "instagram museum" and charge people $30 to fulfill their basic social media desires. If any other lawyers or venture capitalists want to invest in this idea/start a GoFundMe or Kickstarter please contact me. Please do not sue me Candytopia.)

While part of my brain dreams about a fantasy world, the rational side of me is more accepting of the fact that I am not a Crazy Rich Asian and have to spend practically. Also, since my life is becoming increasingly boring, my last few years have had "lame" wishes:
  • 2016 - get a lawyer job (which did come true!) 
  • 2015 - pass the bar (a requisite for 2016 I guess) 
  • 2013 - get a summer internship (although I wish I got paid 1L summer, so hard to be motivated when working for free) 
  • 2012 - get into a law school 
I'll try to spice up my list this year since my past wishes are a little too practical.

So here it is: my 2017 Christmas Wishlist

  • Happiness
    • Generally, making time for things I enjoy/not taking life too seriously
    • Life Size 2 to actually come out in 2018 and be comparable to the original
  • Quality time with friends and family 
    • Little things not on my #30GoalsBefore30 list, like getting meals or hiking, etc.
    • Being in top 5 of Gumball Rally 2018 w/ Andrew
  • Professional success/growing my skills as a lawyer
    • Surviving year 2 of being an attorney
    • Getting more involved in legal organizations 
MATERIAL THINGS (basically see my Amazon wishlist, but in addition:)
  • A picture with my boss
  • AirPods
Do any of y'all still wish for things at Christmas? (Please tell me I'm not living in a fantasy world).

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