Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

TL;DR - If you really like Van Gogh, want to have an "Emily in Paris" moment, or love observing IG bfs getting on the ground so that their partner gets a good gram, then I recommend going. Otherwise, it's just a 35 minute movie projection of Van Gogh art and a subpar "L'Atelier des Lumières." 

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is in several major cities in the US and is essentially a 35 minute movie projected in a room where you can immerse yourself in Van Gogh's art. I bought tickets with my friend Danna in early December for "off peak"/weeknight tickets which are slightly discounted ($10 cheaper).

top pic grazia, bottom left - tiktok/ig of Les Misabella
I thought it would be comparable to "L'Atelier des Lumières" (featured in Emily in Paris but also just a tourist attraction in Paris I've wanted to check out) 


The Exhibit is in a small old building on Market and Van Ness. The staff member outside scanned tickets, and there was also a temperature check right after entering.

VIPs get cushions and a poster. Plebeians can still get chairs or stand.

SF location has a Van Gogh-esque GG Bridge photo-op.

We used the bathroom first, and then entered the giant room where the 35 minute movie played. There were circles of lights projected on the floor for social distancing- but you can stand outside of them/go to the wall to take pictures. It was pretty easy to grab a chair if you waited around, and the staff cleaned them frequently. Everyone wore masks the whole time so it seemed safe.
The projection covers half of the room, so it doesn't really matter where you stand. There is a platform in the middle where you can see the entire room- and you can just ask a staff member to go up. They attempt to limit to 5-10 people for 5-10 minutes. 



I was trying to pose like the influencer in the corner behind me. 

My friends and I stayed for about 2.33 off the 35 minutes movie. If you still want to go, I recommend: 
1. Just watching and observing the movie the first time
2. Try to observe from a different angle/take pics with/of scenes you like in round 2 or 3
3. Bring your own cushion instead of paying for VIP! 

I must say that the people who think to charge $40-60 for a movie projection are pretty smart. After a year of quarantine, it was nice to do something cultural and feel immersed in art, since travel to Paris is very unlikely. My favorite part may have been seeing the instagram boyfriends hard at work. I don't see how anyone can spend more than 3 hours here, but it was more fun than an average Tuesday night and I'm more excited for the atelier if it opens and I ever get the chance to go back to Paris. Thanks Danna for the invite to check out the Exhibit! 


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