2020 Reflections

Usually around the end of the year, I have written posts like "what's on my Christmas wishlist" and "Top 3 accomplishments of the year." I'm already seeing lots of people on social media being shamed for saying how 2020 wasn't so bad for them, while simultaneously seeing others post monthly highlights of 2020. Like many other folks, this past year definitely provided lots of opportunity for reflection: i.e. what is my impact on the Earth/environment, how do my individual actions affect other people, and what is the meaning of life (a theme explored in Pixar's "Soul" which was so good).

While a global pandemic was definitely unexpected, I do want to look back with "positive reflections" on 2020. A non-exhaustive list inspired by my friends' such as Christina and Camellia included positive reflections such as: 

  • prioritizing self-care
  • reading more books
  • cooked/baked more
  • supported small businesses 
  • wear a mask 
  • Voting Trump out
Although the end of 2020 was much different than previous years (I didn't even stay up til midnight... is this life in your 30's?) I still am hopeful that 2021 will be full of opportunities to make the world a better place, consider how I can be a positive impact on others' lives, and make the most of living everyday life and enjoying the little things (playing board games/games with friends and family virtually, trying out a new cookie recipe, walking around the neighborhood.) 

Lastly, I didn't ask for much for Christmas in 2020, but I sincerely hope the federal government works on student loan forgiveness.


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