What its like to attend a Wedding in Bali

Magical, beautiful, and better than "Eat Pray Love" the movie!

My friend Joey, who I've known since 2010, invited me out to Bali for her and her husband Sonny's wedding. Despite barely planning the trip, my coworker Janet and I made it out to Indonesia.

The wedding ceremony took place near Uluwatu- on the westside of Bali, with clear blue pools over looking the horizon.

Their was a nice zen-like walkway, leading up to a stunning glass building with an amazing view of the ocean.

The ceremony was full of fresh and fragrant Balinese flowers,there were Indonesian staff serenading love songs (in English), and I even saw monkeys playing on the tree outside.

After the ceremony itself, the photographers arranged for separate groups i.e. bride's family, groom's family, coworkers, friends from United States, etc. to take pictures with the bride and groom.

We then took a bus to the reception venue, and it was cocktail hour/wine time. After grabbing a glass of wine (or more), we walked around the grounds, enjoying the sounds of the mini-waterfall, snacking on small bites, and of course visiting the photobooth.

Shortly after, there was a traditional Indonesian dance performance.

While the guests were distracted with alcohol, the bride and groom were doing a photoshoot.

We were then beckoned to the dinner room, which was in a grand glass room and elegantly decorated.

Dinner was delicious and there was an interesting variety of food:
seafood salad, 

black beignet of chicken legs, 

lobster pie with American sauce,

grilled fish, 

wagyu beef,

and chocolate mousse.

After dinner, there was cake cutting,

and the night continued with sparklers, music, and even Disney magic.

Congrats on a beautiful wedding Joey and Sonny!


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