Resorts World review

Vegas has a new "Asian" themed Hilton/Genting hotel called: Resorts World, and I spent a Sunday at the Conrad. Resorts World has over 3000 rooms in the Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords, an infinity pool, a night market-food court with a speakeasy (all next to the casino), and even a Crazy Rich Asians Slot Machine!  

(Unfortunately, this machine did not make me a Crazy Rich Asian).

The positives: the artwork/decor, nice pool chairs, mostly friendly staff who complimented my boba shorts, a nice gym with Pelotons, the Famous Eats Street Market and Speakeasy were cool to check out, and I slept super well in the bed. 

The negatives: the check-in to get my key took a while, the self-parking is far, wifi didn't work, it is far walking to the strip, the Crazy Rich Asians machine took my $$, and it was generally pricey. 

The Art: by far my favorite part of the resort, and the Conrad especially featured the “Water Sleeve Dance” theme. 

Crockford featured Tracie Cheng- whose art is also at Singapore's MBS

Xu DeQi

Xu DeQi - can I get a picture of me and Meelo like this for my house?

This was in the men's bathroom.

These gradients remind me of powerpoint slides?


I got in super early at 9:30 AM, and requested to change rooms to a double bed. The representative was able to change my basic king room to a two queen room with strip view (complimentary upgrade with Hilton diamond, but only saved me $37.) I was first on the queue, but I did not get a text the room wasn't ready til 1:30, and I was getting lunch so didn't start to check in til 2:30. The representative did inform me that there would also be a $25 Daily Food & Beverage Credit per person for the room, so we got $50 to spend (mostly on alcohol). At 2:30 pm, check-in took half an hour, but the keys were ready quickly, and although we did not get water bottles (which is standard for Diamond), the representative escorted us to the more exclusive starlit lounge elevators reaching the higher floors.

The Room: 

Plush beds.

Some snacks and charged amenities on top. Cold drinks to pay for and tiny fridge underneath.

Rainfall shower. The body wash pump did not work.

Strip view... mostly construction.

Not pictured: closet with two robes, slippers, and a safe. There was also a large LG tv- maybe 55-65 inches. Overall, the room was not as impressive as two bed room in Venetian, and would feel cramped for more than 2. I did like the bathroom's mirror and rainfall shower, although a tub would've been nice. The beds were also quite comfy.

The Pool: 

The pool is on the 6th floor, and there were separate areas: a family area, two main pools, a cabana pool, and a VIP pool and bar. The VIP area is open to anyone 21+, but you have to pay for lounge chairs. The infinity pool has an okay view of the strip. I liked the chairs in the pool of the main pool- even on a 108 degree day the water made the heat bearable. A margarita in souvenir cup was $30.  

Food/Drink scene: 

Overall I liked the idea of a night market and different food options at Famous Foods, it was just expensive. I tried Fuhu Shack Peking duck tacos, Googgle Man's Char Kuey Teow, Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den speakeasy, Prata Place, and got a macaron at the dessert bar. My favorite dish out of all them was the Char Kuey Teow. Expect an entree dish from each stall to be around $20 after tax.The drinks at Here Kitty were good, but a little pricey at $20 each. More to check out for the vibe.  There's also dessert under the lucky cat, I got an ube macaron and the cookie was really good. I shall try a cream puff next time. 

I also got Suns Out Buns Out for breakfast, which is just a fancier and more expensive egg slut. Instead of a $20 sandwich, I just wish I did the $27 breakfast buffet.

Gym: First off, the gym took forever to get to from Conrad- it's on the second floor but not labeled in elevator, and I had to go through these convoluted hallways amidst construction to find the fitness center. But the entrance and the gym itself were super nice.

Pelotons in a corner and also near the entrance.

Looks like a newer 24 hour fitness, with machines, cables, freeweights. 

I was most impressed with this set/rep counter- I haven't been in a gym for over a year though.


Getting a membership was via this machine and pretty easy. 

In the morning, minimums were $15, and went up to $25 sometime in the afternoon. My friend from Vegas said not to do slots on the strip, and I definitely got more out of tables than I did from slots here. 

The casino floor didn't smell too smoky, and if you are near the food market you can even get whiffs of tasty Asian food.

Overall thoughts: 

I like the art, the food stalls, and the gym, but I am finding it hard to justify the 70$ in resort fees and taxes after a base $109 in the room. I'd come back to Resorts World to check out food in the shopping center and maybe for Katy Perry or Carrie Underwood, or to check out the new dayclub/nightclub. But once you are at Resorts World it's kinda a walk to the strip, only semi close to Encore/Wynn. They're still developing things on this property, but for someone into Asian food and culture in general I think it's cool to check out! 


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