The end of 30 goals before 30

Tomorrow I turn 30, and although lots of things have been thrown off course, I am grateful for essential oils that essentially all of my friends or family are healthy, I am still working to serve my state, and am hopeful that this next decade will be one of growth and continued gratitude.

I definitely did not accomplish much on my original 30 goals before 30, which I even narrowed that down to 20 goals. But setting these goals did give me direction, even when did I not fully accomplish them, i.e:
  • I applied for the Inn of Court Pegasus Scholarship in London, interviewed, but was turned down. I instead applied to the Inn of Court National Advocacy Program, and got selected for the Tim Coleman Scholarship to study a trial training program in Washington DC! I will hopefully attend in person in 2021 if feasible. 
  • Because of COVID19, I have started running 2-3 times a week, training for a half-marathon (which I haven't done since 2015). With better diet, I have lowered my body fat from 21% ( late March/April) to 18.7% - close to my 18% goal. 
  • I watched some Great British Bake Off (GBBO), and attempted Napoleons with premade puff pastry. I also did not make creme pat, and failed at using Trader Joes whipped cream. However, it was still edible and fresh raspberries tasted ok. I also used fondant for the first time, but got lazy and copied Sprinkles.
  • I drove down Highway 1 spontaneously after I took a COVID test and went home to visit my parents. It was my first day off in over 3 months and it was so beautiful I decided to go again for my actual 30th bday. 
Even though my dream of going to Singapore when I turn 30 will have to be on hold (dirty 30 in 2022?) Some unexpected things have resulted from COVID - i.e. instead of spending on travel, I put down what I saved on an earnest money deposit and will hopefully be a homeowner in 2021! Life is definitely getting harder, but I've learned from even working towards goals that the most challenging things are somethings the most rewarding. Although I won't have a defined goal list of 40 before 40, I am generally hoping to challenge myself more and grow more this next decade.


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