Bali: Eat, Pray/Play, Love

It's been almost 2 months since Bali, but I still miss the beach and being on vacay mode.

The trip could be categorized as eat, pray/play, love: eat is obviously eating, pray is praying at all the religious sites, play is for fun experiences, and love since I went for my friend Joey's wedding.

Here are some highlights of things to eat and the sight-seeing in Bali:


Mangosteens by the beach - the Mangosteens were actually from Singapore tho

Nasi and mi goreng - fried rice and fried noodle

Luwak Coffee:

Babi guling special- roast pork with rice


Dinner at Sangsaka with Blair:


Stunning view at Uluwatu Temple

Tirtha Empul - Holy Water Ritual

Ulun Danu Batur:

Tegenungan waterfall:

Tegallalang rice terrace swing:

Infinity pool at Puri Sebali in Ubud:

Strolling along Seminyak beach on the last day:


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