Crazy Rich Asians: What I would've tweeted if I live-tweeted the movie [SPOILERS]

I love the Crazy Rich Asians novel by Kevin Kwan (I am planning my dirty 30 in 2 years themed on the book and also stupidly made it one of my 30 goals before 30 to go to its movie premiere - I was in Europe though so that was a fail) regardless- I was very excited for the movie.

I have seen it twice, and I was thoroughly entertained despite thinking the book is way better. Below is what I would've live-tweeted (if I truly had no shame- but I am Asian, just not crazy or rich)- and disclaimer- there are spoilers. Also the pictures below my tweets may be subject to copyright.

But first- some screenshots of what I did tweet while watching the previews:

  • During WB credits intro- tapping my feet to this big-band style Chinese song, this soundtrack is already 🔥 and I'm going to LOVE this movie 
  • Wishing Eddie was in this London scene like the book, after re-reading the book for the 4th time I need to lower my expectation that they will copy the book 
  • The entire movie theater gasped when the white man told the Youngs to go to Chinatown. This is just a snippet of racial discrimination Asians face. (Flashbacks to kids in elementary school telling me to go back to China)
  • Money (That's What I Want) is the perfect song to accompany Eleanor's victory- more points for the soundtrack 
  • This lecture hall that Rachel/@constancewu is teaching in is pretty cool and reminds me of the 21 movie, also my econ classes at UCLA were never this exciting- don't major in Econ kids
  • Love @bigdimsumdolly in this bible study scene, also love the crowd's reaction to Nick getting a call from Eleanor seconds after RadioOneAsia surreptitiously snapped the pic- but what are the chances that she is in a NYC restaurant when Nick is inviting Rachel to Singapore?!
Gladstone observer
  • @ronnychieng as Eddie and Victoria Loke 陆詠怡 (@velle_) as Fiona are great, love the maids chasing their sons after- but also disappointed that the daughter Kalliste, did not make it in the movie as she had a great line about playing Lady Gaga on the piano in the book
  • @gemmachan as Astrid is also perfect casting - she embodies poise and elegance, and the $1.2 million earring scene finally made it seem like I was watching a movie about Crazy Rich Asians
  • LOVE @sonoya as Araminta Lee being all crazy running with her balloons and jumping on Nick - this movie needs more of her energy! 
  • Hawker center scene = #foodporn. Also more soundtrack points for this old-style Chinese song
  • Here comes @awkwafina as Peik Lin- it's still hard for me to imagine her as a best friend to @constancewu who plays the mother of 3 in Fresh Off the Boat... 
  • Koh Chieng Mun is a great Auntie Neenah- can totally see her as Ken Jeong's wife. LOVE that she mentions the Hall of Versailles as a model for their home, but @awkwafina mentioning Trump was pretty unnecessary 
  • LOL @KenJeong attending CSU Fullerton - this crowd of University of California students found that line pretty amusing 
  • "My New Swag" as @awkwafina drives Rachel to the party is Perfect. Like a better version of the annoying Tokyo Drift theme {I WONDER IF YOU KNOW} 
  • The introduction of Mandy as the Young family general counsel is interesting #law
  • @Sonoya kills it again as Araminta in the gold jumpsuit and screaming her head off. Also love her chanting "one more minute" and screaming- "next stop- SPAAAA" 
  • I guess @gemmachan is believable as a vulnerable Astrid, but really wishing @KinaGrannis played Sophie Khoo comforting Rachel. I guess there are so many characters already that adding more might make the plot confusing. 
  • This dumpling scene is totally unreal- a super rich family would hire chefs to make the dumplings. Also, I am craving @DinTaiFung #XiaoLongBao and the taro dessert XLB too 
  • Also Nick's dad studied law and Eleanor studied law at Cambridge?? Can they admit me to their LLM program so I can be a Crazy Rich Asian also???
  • Cantonese version Material Girl = win. This soundtrack deserves an Oscar. 
Highlight Hollywood
  • @KinaGrannis is singing at this wedding. Her voice + the kids going down the aisle + @pangeerz and @sonoya looking truly in love are making me feel ALL the feels. 
  • The "I love you" exchange between @henrygolding and @constancewu is true to the book but cringeworthy, I was hoping to see a gasping @michelleyeoh but that would've been too extra and her reaction is more like an actual disapproving Asian mom
  • The plot reveal about Rachel's mom is so succinct- the first time I read it in the book I was so confused so I applaud the scriptwriters @adelelim on condensing this to a few seconds.
  • Seeing the mahjong tiles being shuffled makes me want to play mahjong again- @chanrithsiv @lindseyngo @cindyruan + Nancy + TQ remember when we played Chinese New Years?
World of Buzz
  • What is the chance that a game theory professor would have the winning tile before handing it over?? But the dialogue here is so well-crafted and @ConstanceWu delivers some powerful lines that really resonated with me as a child of immigrants. 
  • The lady in the airplane behind Rachel is funnier than half the cast. 
  • This song sounds so familiar... wait it's a cover of Coldplay's Yellow in Mandarin... AND IT'S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL 
  • Love @Sonoya screaming like a maniac again on top of Marina Bay Sands! Cheesy but great ending. 
  • [Miguel's - Vote plays] This is a catchy ending credits song - literally the greatest movie soundtrack I've heard in a long time. 
  • Wait- why is Harry Shum Jr. in the credits- he wasn't in the movie?! wait for it... @jonmchu pulled a Marvels Studio and sneaked in a Mid-Credits Scene! 
  • Still LOLing at Harry Shum appearing in credits before some of the actors who had a lot more lines in the film 
Yes, all of this is from memory because I do appreciate the film that much. Excited for the sequel - China Rich Girlfriend! 


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