What it's like to have a Costco-themed going away party

Short answer: amazing (especially since I love Costco). 

My last day at the Governor's Office was today, but my going away party was yesterday. While everybody else in the office does the typical goodbye happy hour- I had an epiphany and was like "I want my going away party to be Costco-themed!" and shared this brilliant realization the very next work day with my extra-AF colleague Jamie. [Who is perhaps slightly more enthusiastic about Costco than I am but I still love you JD <3.]

I was basically expecting a few Costco pizzas, but I got so much more from Jamie and Gail (our legal secretary who is also as enthusiastic about Costco and sometimes brought rotisserie chickens just to spread happiness in the office). 

The spread did have a Costco combo pizza (no cheeseburgers, see my latest post), but also included Kirkland Signature [hereinafter, "KS"] mixed nuts, KS sparkling water (apparently as delicious as La Croix), the yummy Chinese chicken salad (that is an amazing deal at $9.99), Asian chicken wraps made up of leftover rotisserie chicken, the turkey and swiss wraps, quinoa salad, KS olives, pita chips, fresh baked baguettes, vegetable lasagna, and a cake! This Costco spread was a great balance of healthy options and classics. 

As I was making way through my first plate, Jamie announced that the next part was gifting me the greatest gift God could have graced on the internet: whiskey stones A KS T-SHIRT

I proceeded to don this amazing masterpiece over my short-sleeved button up, and also since posting a pic of this shirt on my Instagram story over half a dozen people have asked me where they could buy the shirt.

My colleagues and I started sharing stories about Costco, and I love how Costco is something that brings people together (except for the one time I saw someone assault another person over taking a parking spot in Daly City). 

After eating all the delicious food, Jamie surprised me even more with a framed picture signed by the Boss of California himself: 
Disclaimer: you cannot buy Jerry Brown's signature at Costco.

I am grateful to not only have been surrounded by colleagues who were intelligent and supportive, but also appreciate how Costco can greatly improve our happiness and lives. My Costco-themed going away made me realize how everyone in the office really felt like family to me, and just like Costco, the experiences I shared with my coworkers at the Governor's Office will hold a special place in my heart.


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