What's my purpose?

I was reading a snippet of Brendon Burchard's High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way on the Blinkist app, when I started questioning everything about my life: Will I accomplish anything important? Am I not working hard enough or is my shitty personality preventing me from making "extraordinary achievements?" What is my purpose?

What is my life going to be?!? 

While "purpose" is something that I'll probably be gradually discovering each day, Burchard provides 4 different perspectives for us to find purpose.

1. Self
How can I become the best version of myself and be remembered this way?
If I had to narrow a few adjectives I aspire towards: helpful, fun, and caring.
Working on this blog is hopefully memorializing "helpful" tips such as making a spa-ffice, but generally I get the "warm-glow" feeling from helping others. I also try to spread fun whenever I can, because life is about enjoying the good things! I don't think people see me as caring, probably more ambitious (I'm a Slytherin, shocker), but besides myself, I do care about my family, friends, others close to me, and the world. I guess I'll keep working towards being a caring person to others as I can only improve in this field.

2. Social-sphere
How can I shape who I spend time with in a positive way?
I interact differently with different groups of people; for example with my sister and cousins I act like the older authority figure and come up with ideas of things to do, while with my coworkers I am the "baby attorney" and the millennial. My purpose in my social-spheres is linked to my self-purpose, namely trying to be helpful, fun, and caring. I want to share fun memories with my family and friends, and be the source of de-stressing for my coworkers, and aim to continue doing both and being better at both!

3. Field of skills
What is my primary profession or field of interest?
While my title is an attorney, what I truly enjoy is writing. I do get to draft and edit some legal documents at work, but I started this blog to try to write about other things I enjoy and practice writing to different audiences and styles other than the regimented legal forms. It's especially rewarding getting more feedback and hopefully improving other's lives by sharing pieces of mine.

4. Field of service
Who needs me?
From the professional perspective, I am deluded into thinking that the entire State of California needs me to do my best since I am funded by taxpayer dollars. Law at it's core is a field of service, and I aim to continue providing the best legal advice and counsel that I can. Personally, I hope to be a source of love to my family and those close to me, and again create memories by spending quality time with family and friends.

In going through these perspectives, I found that a lot of the reasons behind my "purpose" repeat and overlap. When it comes down to it, love and passion are the main driving forces behind who I spend time with and why I work. I don't know what will qualify as an "extraordinary achievement" to society, but as long as I live my life bettering the lives of those that I care about, that's an important enough cause to keep me going.


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