How to make your office a "spa-ffice"

Like most young professionals (assuming most of you reading this are), I spend a majority of my life at work. More specifically, I sit in an office, which I do feel fortunate to have my own. It wasn't until  my co-worker Kelly (Williams) Dodd said that my office was like a spa when I decided to fully embrace my extreme extra-ness and transform my workplace into a zen, mini-oasis "spa-ffice."

My view 8 hours a day

Very key: Himalayan pink salt.
I have two lamps, and two containers of edible Himalayan salt. I personally believe that the lamps are not only aesthetically pleasing, but purify the air to allow me to breathe more negative ions. It is true because they attract dust which sticks to the salt (which I will not post a picture because it is not aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to wipe off with a wet napkin.) You may wonder: what does he do with the edible salt? I breathe it of course! With a warm air humidifier:

This Vicks humidifier has lasted me over a year, and it is truly a miracle worker. In my old workplace, it alleviated my neighbor's constant coughing and hacking. There was even a woman who would stand right next to my cubicle saying she liked breathing the air and could tell it was cleaner. It is in my unofficial office will to bestow this to my co-worker Kelly (who is frequently cold) in case anything ever happens to me. But I lent it to her one day and she said it improved the air quality in her office! How does it work? I grind air purifying Himalayan salt before letting it steam. Adding steamed salt crystals to the humidifier makes the air I breathe cleaner and has even helped prevent me from catching a cold the past year.

Also key: Aroma Mist Diffuser

I have a simple 100mL essential oil diffuser that changes colors and emits cool mist basically the entire work day. Some favorite scents are: tea tree (antibacterial), lemongrass (focus) and eucalyptus/mint (destress). A summer intern once went right up to my diffuser, smelled the air, and told me I had the coolest office!

Feng shui:

Lastly, it is important to follow feng shui to have good energy flow and productivity. Three simple rules: yellow in the west, red in the east, and green in the south. For example, green in the south means you are likely to have more $ "flow" in your direction. I complained to my supervisor about the lack of aesthetic in our office, and she moved a green plant to a table in the South next to my office door. Literally one or two days later, everybody in the office got a raise!

Convinced it was because of my feng shui suggestion, I later bought plants to have in my office. They also purify the air and are relatively easy to take care of.

(Snake plant and aloe vera- not pictured is twerk bird)

While they aren't thriving since it is winter, they are somehow still alive after almost half a year. The green on the containers also adds more to the feng shui.

By purifying my air as much as I possibly can, I personally believe that I am optimizing my health, stress levels, and productivity. I also play "spa music" on Youtube lightly on my speakers. And Kon-Mari/declutter everything (it really is life changing). When you turn your workplace into something magical, it doesn't even feel like you're at work!  


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