Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland might be my favorite Disneyland after visiting every Disneyland! Although a lot of the rides of the same as in Anaheim- several things stand out: 

  1. Beauty and the Beast ride is amazing (definitely buy Disney Premier Access as soon as entering the park)
  2. Food/snack culture  i.e. popcorn buckets, cute and exclusive items
  3. 3. It just feels cleaner and more civilized than Anaheim Disneyland 

I went to rope drop - waiting at the gates over an hour. 

Entered around 8 AM 

(What the entrance is like later in the afternoon on a Tuesday:

Refreshment Corner

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast - 10/10 and one of the best Disney rides! 

Ice Cream break 

Small World 

Huey, Dewey & Louie's Good Time Cafe 

Cinderella Castle 

Theme in February is Minnie's Funderland

Stitch Encounter - the experience was all in Japanese, and a cast member tried warning us- but we still went to get a break from the warm-ish day and it was still fun! Basically a Japanese turtle talk.

Space Mountain - one major difference from states - there is no music! A little weird. But I kept hearing the Japanese students in our car say "yabai!" 

Harmony in Color - a fun parade for the 40th anniversary with a catchy song in English. My favorite part was seeing people line up the plushies and get really into the parade!!


Fantasy Land Forest Theater - you can enter a lottery for an "Entry Request Experience" and we got "Mickey's magical music world"- it was narrated in Japanese but a majority of songs were in English.

Ice Cream Cones 

Jungle Cruise - loved that it had a whole Cambodian temple component! 

Cosmic Ray's 

The egg is Disney magic! - Curry soup with chicken

Main Street Electrical Parade - lots of viewing spots even without Disney Premier Access, this was a well-done and fairly long parade.

Cinderella Castle at night + Fireworks (5 min show)

Overall, Tokyo Disney was a fun experience - Beauty and the Beast is one of the best attractions I've ever been on, the food was tasty, and it just feels bigger and cleaner than other Disney parks. 

Regrets: Not doing Monsters Inc, Baymax, and buying certain 40th anniversary merch like postcards. But there's always next trip when maybe staying at the hotel for magic entry would be worth it! 


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