Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay hotel review

I stayed at the Sheraton Tokyo Bay which is in the Tokyo Disney Resort area and a 5 min away monorail ride from the Disney Parks (Disney Sea). 

(as seen from Google Maps streetview)

TL/DR - I had a bad experience where the room facing the ocean was noisy with wind and they were unable to fix it so it was hard to sleep with two nights of high winds and they only gave me 10,000 points in compensation. 

I'd only recommend if: 

  • You are chasing/have Marriott status 
  • It is a better deal than staying at a Disney hotel and you don't care about 15 min early entry (might be a low chance at a deal if you are using points for 5 nights - but cost wise didn't make sense for me).
  • You want to stay on resort but really can't afford staying at a Disney hotel

Besides convenience and proximity, it was also decently priced at 72000 for 3 nights, or around $160 USD a night at the time or at today's exchange rate closer to $150 a night. While I'd generally recommend for Marriott Bonvoy members (I am merely Gold, no free breakfast or anything for me) - the ocean view room I was in had major issues with a loud whistling noise when it was super windy- and the hotel wouldn't move us since they were apparently fully booked. 

This window was slightly loose so when there was a lot of wind it made a loud whistling noise. Staff came twice and tried to fix it but there was still a lout whistling noise.

Ocean view is nice when weather isn't crazy 

Check-in: I checked in a little earlier in the afternoon like around 1-2 pm and was still able to get a room. The clerk spoke enough English and was friendly. In general, the lobby is huge and there are huge groups, so it was nice to check-in/out at off-peak times. 

Bedroom: -family friendly 2 beds

Nothing special and the decor seemed a bit dated.

Bathroom had a bidet at least! 

Complimentary water is nice.

Other amenities: 
Shuttle to Maitama station/Ikspiari, and shuttle to Disney Resort monorail station 

I used the shuttle quite often so it was nice that it was complimentary. It saved 5 min of walking to the closest station, and was also useful for going to Tokyo Disneyland on Day 2 and getting to Maihama station on checkout morning. 

Club Access - For being Marriott Gold, I was invited to go to the penthouse club after 7 pm each night. The club had drinks (open bar), snacks such as cracker sandwiches or Japanese rice cracker pouches, and mostly ran out of food after Disney closed at 9 pm. It would also have been nice to watch fireworks as it has a view of the parks. 


While I appreciated that they did have laundry - there were only 5 washer and 5 small dryers - and at 6 AM on a Wednesday all machines were in use- and there was not nearly enough machines for the large amount of guests. To wash is 100 Yen and then to dry is 100 yen every 15 minutes - the dryers are super weak though. It took me over 3-4 tries to get 5 days worth of clothes dry.

Disney store inside of hotel: I wish I discovered this earlier! It sold legit Disney merch like the Mickey sunglasses which I could've bought in advance. They had a large selection too. 

Convenience store - bought onigiri and cup noodles - they also have water and basic drinks/snacks and you can charge to the room. 

Overall, this property is huge, and does have everything a Tokyo Disney visitor needs. Be warned if you have an ocean-facing room that winds may disrupt your sleep! 


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