A day in Disney Sea (February 2024)

DisneySea has been on my to-visit list forever, since after going to DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland I'll have visited every Disney theme park in the world! 

Disney in Japan is a whole culture and I'm grateful I got to experience it. A few things I wish I knew that would've enhanced my experience: 

1. If you can, stay on or near Disney Resort property. If you can afford one of the hotels, you get 15 minutes "magic entry" and don't have to wait hours before park opening. Another perk is prime viewing for shows.

2. Buy Disney Fastpass EARLY - may or may not apply to Fantasy Springs

3. Buy Disney Premier Access as soon as you enter. Not absolutely necessary for shows.

I bought tickets to go on a Monday, about two months in advance. It was not a peak day, so the ticket was ¥8,400 (at that time around $54 USD). I wish I reserved dining in advance too! 

Arrived via monorail around 7:15 AM, here is our spot waiting until around 8:30 when the line moved a bit. In the meantime, it was entertaining to watch the monorail conductor wave energetically and frantically each time it looped every 15 minutes. 

Entering the main lagoon part of the park:

First Ride - Journey to Center of Earth 

This ride is unique to DisneySea so it was one of my priorities. Even at rope drop this was about 15 min wait. 

"a fast paced adventure that includes sharp turns and sudden drops over rough and rugged terrain" 

The queue was fairly a bit of walking but a lot was in English.

My favorite part of the ride was hearing the Japanese students around us saying "yabai!" (cool or dangerous or watch out), and it is a fun build up! The wait got to be two hours plus and Disney Premier Access sold out quick. 

Popcorn stop near Mermaid Lagoon

I was excited for matcha, but it just tasted like a generic slightly sweet popcorn.

Roaring Spirits 

A short coaster with a loop. I think this ride is also only at DisneySea, and nice if theres not a wait and you want to ride a coaster, but not a must-do.

Indiana Jones (Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull) 

The queue had more skeletons than Anaheim Disney! There is a single rider option and that saved a lot of time! 

Hat/Sunglass store outside Indiana Jones 

I should've taken more merch pics- but was excited to buy these sunglasses.

Mochi Dumplings - waited 15-20 min earlier in the day

    The flavors are neopolitan - one vanilla, one strawberry, and one chocolate. 

Transit Steamer Line - some views of lagoon area 

Black Pepper popcorn near "Soarin'" - our favorite popcorn flavor of the trip

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - a very kid friendly ride. Not super memorable.

Zambini Brothers' Lunch 

A soup, pasta, bread, churro, red wine, and 40th anniversary sparkling drink. 

Churro is Mickey shaped! 

Mamma Biscotti's

A mickey shaped baguette was available after 3 pm 

Mike Wazowski Melon pan, with melon flavor inside. 

Teddy Roosevelt Bar - 45 min wait 

Old fashioned

Signature Strawberry drink 
Stroll to Nemo and Friends area 

Nemo and Friends

A cute show - my favorite part was the audience saying "kawaii!" 

Arabian Coast 

Sultan's Oasis 
Orange hot chocolate drink - nice on a chilly day! 

It started to pour! 

40th anniversary posters~

Re-entering in evening

Dockside Diner 

American food, I regret not making a reservation for Magellan's.

Believe Sea of Dreams 

I bought Disney Premier access - but you can get a good view from anywhere around the harbor.

Although Disney is definitely pay for more perks - I think it would've been worth it (especially if you have kids or a group of 3-4) to splurge for staying at the park on a Disney hotel, and reserving Magellan's or Teddy Roosevelt bar 2 months in advance. But still had a fun day! Definitely want to go back to see Fantasy Springs! 


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