TeamLab Planets Review + Tips

 TeamLab Planets is purported to be Asia's top museum, where you can "become one with the world".

Similar to TeamLab Borderless, I'd recommend if you like immersive art, and this one is unique in that the art involves being barefoot at some points, treading through water, and getting to experience an urban version of nature.

I did both TeamLab Borderless and Planets and recommend doing both if you can squeeze it. Since I did Borderless first, that experience was nearly 2 hours while I only spent 45 min-1 hour in Planets, but you can easily spend 2-3 hours in each (but overall there is more to see in Borderless). 

Here are my tips for teamLab Planets: 

1. Buy tickets 2 months in advance - and buy first entry time. This website was easier than Teamlab Borderless and accepted my American credit card. First entry time had a few advantages: Since we speed ran the crystal universe, going first in the morning we had many exhibits to ourselves, even on a weekend. Also, I've heard the water smells like feet later in the day after crowds have gone through it.

2. Arrive at least half an hour before opening there will be a line- wear comfortable clothes for outdoor portions - there are lockers to put excess clothes bags and shoes.

3. Wear shorts with pockets for your phone (or if you are female, shorts under a skirt) 

4. If you super sensitive to motion sickness take dramamine, or just skip certain exhibits. 

5. If you want to revisit an exhibit, the experiences are in a loop and it is possible to go through again.

Highlights are (chronologically from what I remember): 

  • Infinite Crystal Universe (same as exhibit in Borderless, except barefoot if you're into pics with your feet)
  • Drawing on the Surface of Water - Created by the Dance of Koi and People 
  • Expanding 3D Existence in Transforming Space (Spheres of Light) 
  • Floating in Falling Universe of Flowers 
  • Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms (meh during day- looks cooler at night) 
  • Floating Flower Garden 

Other tip to consider: Hire a photographer if you really want good pictures.

People posing with cybertruck before even going in...

Had koi exhibit to ourselves! 

Photos don't do the experience justice- but teamLab is definitely a symbol of Japan's appreciation of art, technology, and nature, in one.


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