Pokemon Cafe - Dining Experience

One highlight of Japan was dining at the official Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo. 

Besides eating kawaii Pokemon themed Japanese food it was a dining experience with a gachapon style game for a coaster, entertainment with a special guest Pokemon, and shopping opportunity galore as it is in a Department Store (both Tokyo and Osaka). 


I essentially just navigated to reservations at the official website- https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/en/. and if you see a blue slot on a calendar- click it quick! Reservations open up 31 days in advance at 5 PM Tokyo Time [i.e. 1 AM Pacific Standard Time in California].

The booking experience was stressful as I didn't get a reservation 31 days in advance, but did get it 2 days before. Also- they have limited edition coasters you can purchase ONLY in advance, up to 3 per person, and I wish I bought more of these. 

Don't give up if you can't get a reservation in advance! 

On a Sunday night I saw 4-6 people in groups of 2 still get in on standby- maybe it is easier on weekdays too. 


Tokyo - Pokémon Cafe (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building(5F). 

The Mall can be a bit confusing to navigate, but there are signs pointing, and if you see the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX

(wishing I copied Ed Sheeran video here)

- it is right next to the cafe entrance:

They have signs indicating the next seating group to queue- but if you get there early you can shop at the Pokemon center. 

On the hallway they had a map and some signs. 

The dining room: 

English guide of experience: 

THE FOOD and Drink: 

All the food items were pretty decent! No complaints about food. 

Snorlax Rice Bowl

Gengar Grape Smoothie

Gengar Beef Stew

Lemon Pikachu

Apple Sprigatito

Pikachu Curry

Chocolate Dessert

Other Decor:

Overall,  after the meal and shopping it was about 2-3 hours, and it was a really fun meal and the Cafe dining experience is a must in Tokyo or Osaka if you're a Pokemon fan!


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