teamLab Borderless

teamLab Borderless reopened in Tokyo February 2024- and if you like immersive art, infinity rooms, and want some potential cool IG shots- I recommend checking it out! 

(Bubble Universe)

I went at opening and spent over 1.5 hours (having already seen a few of the other exhibits in other teamLabs in Singapore and SF, I would budget over 2 hours if this is first teamLab ever), 

(Crystal universe - also in Singapore, teamlab Planets)

including going into the tea house (for a drink and immersive ice cream)- 

I just wish I found the "Bubble Universe" room earlier- but with over 70 different "experiences"/exhibits - it does seem truly infinite! 

What is teamLab Borderless?

teamLab Borderless is "a group of artworks that form one continuous, borderless world."

Universe/water particles room

"Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other, and have the same concept of time as the human body."

How to get tickets: 

The official website didn't accept my US credit cards, so I booked on klook - you can get $5 off by signing up for an account here:, and then buying tickets, which vary between $30-35 USD based on demand during week.

Where is teamLabs Borderless: 

It is in the basement area of the Azabudai Hills Complex. 

If you go in the main plaza, [through this main building]- there will be signs directing towards TeamLab. We walked in a garden and then took escalators to B1. 


Unlike teamLab planets where there is a line, we went about an hour early and told we could not wait at the entrance. We booked 10 AM opening times, and they let us line up for pre-entry around 9:45 (could've used lockers then) 

On the right side of the hallway is lockers. I wish I hung my coat/planned outfit better- as the temperature was warm inside. 

There is an intro video with warnings that there is no map, some rooms are hard to find, and artworks may leave the rooms and change over time. After the video it was time to descend and find the art! 


To get to the bubble room, go towards the far back right- or keep asking staff members (though they aren't supposed to guide you.) It is quite hidden! 

Another must is the: Microcosmoses - wobbling light 
These were like glowing orbs/marbles - kind of like Pixar's inside out core memories! 

Crystal universe: 
Another shift in crystal universe.

Memory of Topography - I entered into a confusing mirror maze area and it turned into this cool field.

Light vortex. 


The en tea room - in the back corner (there are signs pointing where) is a place inside teamLab where you can get tea or ice cream- most teas were a reasonable 600 Japanese Yen.

Is it worth it? 

Yes - I wish I used the locker, and even would consider hiring a photographer for an hour and covering their entrance ticket. But even without professional shots, it is the most immersive teamLab and a must for art and technology lovers. 


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