Amsterdam: iamsterdam pass review

If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time for 2-4 days (and like museums/tourist attractions), one way to maximize your visit is with the iamsterdam city card - where you can get access to museums [not included: Van Gogh, Anne Frank House], public transit (trams and buses), and a canal cruise and bike rental. [Not sponsored - I was just trying to save money on my own.] 

While it was convenient, I did have to still make reservations for 4 of the museums (with most museums being flexible on letting in before reservation slot). For the non-museum person who will be in Amsterdam to chill out, I would not recommend the pass and just booking things individually. 

Below is a analysis of cost of items individually vs final price with Iamsterdam card and the cost/benefit analysis:

  • Diamond Museum - €12.50 
  • Moco                     - €17.95- €22 
  • Rijksmuseum         - €22.50 
  • Canal Cruise          -€16
  • Rembranthuis        - €17.50 
  • Heineken Experience - 20% discount off €23 | €6 - saved - option to also pay €5 
  • 6-7 tram rides         -€9?
  • Total -€105 vs cost of 48 hour city card (€85) - saved "€20"

Our favorite "attraction" in Amsterdam was the Heineken experience - and the cruise was nice when it was clear to get a tour of the city. I would not recommend Rembranthuis unless you are a major Rembrant fan, and the Rijksmuseum has his most famous art anyways. 

Below are some pics of what I saw with the iamsterdam pass summer of 2023: 

Diamond Museum: 

  • Moco

  • Rijksmuseum     

  • Canal Cruise

  • Rembranthuis      

  • Heineken Experience 


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