Bryce Canyon: Hoo Doos galore

Bryce Canyon is an interesting National Park that is like walking through a Dr. Suess book with weird shaped rocks (hoo doos) and carved doorways. 

We finished the basic trails through the amphitheatre in about 2.5 hours (even going the uphill/tougher route), and I wouldn't budget for more than a day at Bryce. 

I recommend parking at Sunset Point, hiking the Queen's Navajo/Combination Loop (2.9 miles), walking from Sunrise Point back to Sunset Point along the rim trail/road, and then driving around and seeing whatever else you want to see. (the Natural Bridge, Inspiration Point, etc.) We started at Sunrise since we found parking, but the views are much better at Sunset and the hike is much easier from Sunset to Sunrise than Sunrise to Sunset. 

View of the northern end of Sunrise point.

One of my favorite hoodoos.

The real tough part was going uphill to sunset point.

There is a set of switchbacks called Wall Street that is pretty tough and I had to take a break or two.

The better view at sunset point: 

Natural Bridge - a pretty far drive out.


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