Sensorio - Field of Light

Sensorio: Field of Light is an art installation by Bruce Munro composed of almost 60,000 multicolored fiber-optic light orbs in Paso Robles. 
Tickets are available Thursdays through Sundays until January 2021, for time slots between 7 PM - 10 PM. Tickets must be reserved in advance, and they are limiting the number of people allowed due to COVID19. 

After driving from my hometown, I almost missed the turn into the parking lot, which had a sign that was barely visible around sunset. 

After parking, we walked towards a tent for a quick screening. Upon entering, I did a temperature check on my forehead, and then had to state my name as a camera recorded. 

We then went to an area where more workers checked our time, and then walked through various food stands until we came to the small valley where the lights were visible.

If you go in the 2nd hour, tickets are around $37, while entrance hour is an additional $7. VIP tickets are a lot more, but you just get access to a seating area that is farther from the path to the lights, so I would not recommend buying VIP unless you want to stay a while (and sip petite syrah). 

As it gets closer to winter, it might make more sense to buy the entrance hour depending on the time of sunset. I personally loved watching the sunset over the field and the colors of the orbs grow stronger as it got darker. 

Most of these pics were taken by Danna on Jun's iPhone 11.

Also, there is no flash photography. If you go with more than one person, they can hold their phone out for light (as long as it's not as bright as a flash), to illuminate you if you want a picture with the lights. 

There are a few paths to take that are all one-way, with a few benches and spots to sit along the way so you can get multiple views. 

I spent over two hours strolling and staring at the sea of colorful spheres. 

The drive out to Paso is a bit far (and the field is in a remote area so that the public can't generally view it), but it was nice to spend a night admiring the art. 

It never felt too crowded, but some folks were pretty drunk later on in the night so that ruined some of the peacefulness. 

I recommend using the bathroom before walking the paths. If you want food and drinks they have various food carts also.

Overall, Sensorio was a pretty cool experience and I recommend it if you can make a day trip to the central coast. If you happen to be near Arroyo Grande, make sure to stop by It's Really Yogurt for delicious frozen yogurt or refreshing smoothies! 


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