Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland- Is it worth the hype? + Lunar New Year at DCA 2020

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has been open for about half a year, and I finally got to check it out, as well as Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure (DCA) when I went this past weekend for my friend Betty's birthday.

My take on Star Wars: Immersive & Expensive 

Right now, the hip new thing at Star Wars land is the Rise of the Resistance attraction. People go to DLand at 6 AM just for a chance to get on the ride. Essentially you go to the park at opening and bid against thousands to get a boarding pass (See Micechat guide). We went pretty early, getting to the parking lot around 8:20 AM, and the boarding passes were already out. Apparently they went out the first minute. Star Wars land was still open, so we checked it out in the afternoon.

If you enter from the side of Critter Country, the entrance isn't as epic, but you pass by the Rise of the Resistance entrance where lots of people will be.

The structures of Star Wars land are pretty big and spacious compared to some parts of DLand that cannot handle crowds.

And Exhibit A of Expensiveness: an almost $7,000 suit:

The Droid Depot is also where you can pay over $100 to build a robot of your design:

Below are some pics of available souvenirs (photo cred to @shadysandwiches)

A highlight of Star Wars land for us was the attraction Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. At 10 pm, the wait was 35 minutes. The wait went down to 10 minutes at 11:30 pm. I'll try not to give heavy spoilers, but the ride is interactive like a video game and requires more than just sitting.

Some possible roles on the ride: 

Lastly, Oga's Cantina is cool since it's the only place besides Club 33 you can get alcohol in DLand.

Oga's is pretty lit with a DJ though.

But it comes at a price - two average drinks with tips is almost $40, and a souvenir cup with a drink is $40:

No, we didn't get the Fuzzy Tauntaun, but the people at the table near us did and said it was good.

I also tried the blue milk - which was $8 for a tiny cup of Calpis-like/coconut milk. It's good if you're looking for something refreshing, but overpriced imo.

Overall- I'd say Star Wars is one of Disney's more immersive experiences, but definitely expensive.

In addition to Star Wars, Lunar New Year is being celebrated at DCA!

It's the year of the mouse, and they have a snapchat filter: 

You can write and hang a wish! This was not mine, but one of my favorites:

There's a parade with Mulan and Mushu. It was about two minutes long, but then they perform at the promenade a bit longer.

You can also get asian-fusion food, such as this ube macaron.

Ran into some UCLA friends:

I also checked out lamplight lounge, which has been open since Paradise Pier became Pixar Pier.

Near the bathrooms are favorite Pixar quotes:

A sample of the menu:

Donuts were a bit overhyped:

Pixar Pier really shines at night:

Cue Up! music~


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