New Year, New Decade - Happy 2020, Notes to Self for the New Year

Inspired by my friend Melanie's note to self, here's my note to self entering the new year and the new decade.

- What are some moments of happiness or gratitude from 2019 that are alive for you?
  • Eating at Maido - the 8th best restaurant in the world, in Lima, Peru
  • Praying at Tirta Empul in Bali
  • Passing Probation and getting civil status
The last few months were stressful work-wise, but I'm still happy and grateful that I got to travel internationally (twice) this past year, see family during the holidays, catch up with friends on weekends, and that I passed my probation at work and am at a job that is challenging, but rewarding.

- What are you most excited to commit to in 2020?
but also growing professionally while taking time to read more, spend more time with friends and family, and also taking time to do hot yoga and keep me mentally sane

​​- How can I (a friend) support you in your aspirations for this year (and beyond)?
I guess what I appreciate most from friends is reaching out to catch up, and I especially like sharing a meal - I love food and catching up!

If you're reading this- let me know how I can help support your aspirations for this new year. Like they say in High School Musical - "we're all in this together!" #Disney+


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