Seattle sites and bites

Summer is a great time to visit Seattle if you enjoy sun (last time I visited November, it rained at least 75% of my weekend trip.)

View from the ferry.

I visited the city for two half-days (I was mostly staying in Bremerton), but still packed in a lot of fun activities and food. 

I knew I wanted to check out the Space Needle since they recently renovated to have a rotating glass floor, but didn't want to pay $30 for the ticket to go up. I stumbled across the CityPass deal- which you can choose 5 attractions including the Space Needle for $99. Expedia had a discount- so I got two CityPasses for $150 - making it 5 attractions for $75 [cutting the Space Needle to basically $15/50% off - and nothing is sexier than saving!] 

With the City Pass, I also saw the Aquarium, the Zoo, the Chihuly Museum and Garden, and did an Argosy Harbor tour! If you like touristy stuff then I recommend the CityPass. 

Nemo in the Aquarium

[no pics from Zoo because it was hot at 2 pm and I was tired and the lions were also tired and in the corner]

The Space Needle: 
With CityPass - after you get a physical ticket, you can reserve a time entry to save up to 20 min to hours waiting in line. You also get two opportunities to go up on the same day so you can go morning/day and night - which is apparently valued at $60. 

Before going up, you can get a complimentary photoshopped picture and choose from various backgrounds. Here is the most generic one:
Space Needle adjustable backgrounds from gray screen

It's still undergoing renovation, but the views are still great and it was cool seeing the glass floor. 
Revolving glass floor 

Other fun features include a selfie camera, a wine bar (no full restaurant yet), and a wall showing where various visitors came from (my favorite photo was a Japanese woman putting her foot on her boyfriend who was on the ground on all fours.)

Chihuly inspired by the Ocean 

You can get a pic with the Space Needle from the Chihuly Garden.

Other activities: 

Gasworks Park-

Kerry Park - one of the best views of Seattle - wish I could've gone at sunset or sunrise and also seen Mt. Rainier

Just walk around Pike Place - food galore, and if you're a Starbucks lover also the first Starbucks

Who likes Mean Girls?

Le Panier:
Spinach pastry, palmier, a Josephine (strawberry creme puff), and some macarons
Everything was tasty and walking in this bakery smelled soooOooo good

If you love Mac and Cheese definitely stop here for some really rich Mac

Rachel's Ginger Beer: 
Turmeric Ginger Beer with Dole Whip - refreshing on a warm day

Queen Bee Cafe- 
A quaint cafe where all profits support honeybees! I had some interesting crumpets here: 
Salmon lox on top, honey and edible flowers on the bottom

Molly Moon's-
Basically the Bi-Rite of Seattle. Seasonal flavor was strawberry shortcake and honey lavender was also really good.

Hood Famous bakery:
I got these treats because Ali Wong got it when she was in Seattle!
Filipino inspired baked goods - such as calamansi bars, but they also had matcha and ube cheesecakes. This cheesecake was really good!

Out of everything I did on the trip - I think my favorite activity (besides crabbing near Bainbridge) was taking the ferry between Bremerton and Seattle - the ride was smooth, it was really relaxing, and the views are great! 

I highly recommend visiting Seattle in the summer if you can make it!
(Next on my list in Seattle - Amazon Spheres/HQ tour and visiting the First Costco!) 


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