Why you should see Ronny Chieng

Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show, Crazy Rich Asians) stopped by Sacramento as part of his "Tone Issues" tour, and I got "VIP tickets" to see him last night [literally front and center and my foot could kick the stage].

(From his instagram.) 

I don't know how to move my mouth, like Henry Golding in CRA.

The show was great, and I'd recommend seeing him not only because he'll make you laugh, but you can also learn a lot about America, race, and why everything in life is meaningless. (Also this blog is totally dumb and ironic because he might have mentioned that bloggers are a-holes who have nothing better to do- which is basically true of my life as a Sacramento resident).

Below are more detailed reasons why you should get tickets to his show:

1. You'll see other funny accompanying acts such as Emily Catalano and Chris Martin (yes from the UK, no not in Coldplay). I loved how Emily covered topics such as Costco and relationships, and she was a great start to setting the overall nature of the show. Chris was charming, provided an interesting but relatable perspective of a British person living in California, which also made for a good transition into Ronny.

2. You can learn a lot about America from someone who has a more international perspective. Ronny is "Chinese-Malaysian-Australian" and has been in the US less than a couple years but knew more about state mottos than I had. He also provides fresh takes on how chill CA is and even comedy in the US compared to other countries.

3. Ronny tells it like it is. From race to politics, Ronny pokes at stereotypes without any bias- even touching upon Chinese New Years traditions.

4. Ronny's physical humor is on point. Some of his gesticulations perfectly complement his material, and this was one highlight of the show.

5. Lastly, the man works his ass off. Ronny talked about how he sometimes does 4-5 shows a night in NYC, and it's just awesome to see a guy relate to a fairly diverse audience (Sac is not super super Asian like SF or LA) and kill it onstage.

If you can't make it to one of shows on https://www.ronnychieng.com/, I'd recommend streaming his show Ronny Chieng, International Student on Comedy Central - which also stars the brilliant Shuang Hu. I love that Ronny is representing Asians in media but most of his material does not necessarily center on "Asian jokes." Definitely try to see him live if you have the chance!


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