How to KonMari/Spark Joy [in] your Office/Spa-ffice

New year, and I walk into my same office and realize that my spa-ffice did not spark joy. 

Being inspired by "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" and generally being a subscriber of the KonMari method since 2016, I decided to take action and declutter my workspace to decrease stress, improve productivity, and keep me at peace. Here is a simple 5-step process on how to KonMari/Spark Joy in your office. 

1. Greet your Office/ envision a happy space
(pretending like calm peaceful music is playing) 

What I was attempting to go for 

2. Confront your mess 

The classic KonMari tidying hierarchy is: 
  1. clothing, 
  2. books, 
  3. paper, 
  4. misc., 
  5. sentimental items. 
In an office, particularly a lawyer's office, my main problem was categories 2-4, books, paper, and misc. I had random clutter of books, paper, and supplies that were not bringing me joy: 

I had way too much stuff strewn around, and it was causing me to be disorganized and not at my full potential at work. 

3. Category by category- put all items in a pile. i.e. I piled all my books on the floor

4. Sort through items one by one, touch them, see if they "spark joy," donate or get rid of things that do not 

5. Bask in the glory of finishing: 

My spa-ffice is far from perfect, but it is less cluttered now and so is my state of mind. 

A colleague even stopped by my spa-ffice, and said, "your desk is so clean!" 

Of course, I still hide my mess and things I love at places where only I can see it: 

My magnets from travels 

Not a perfectly organized bookshelf, but I know where everything is! 

Although it's not perfect, I'm more at peace and happy with the end process. 

One of the most important lessons is that I now know exactly where every document, file, supply is, so I won't waste extra time looking for things. (Not pictured are my organized snack shelves.)

With a fresh start to the year, KonMari-ing my spa-ffice has reenergized me and given new life to my workplace! 


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