National Security Frat Party: Law Review Article Review

How much power does the Government have over us? Is the Government infringing on our rights to free speech and privacy in traditional forums of expressions such as colleges? My friend and classmate Nida Siddiqui addresses these questions in her law review article: "National Security Frat Party: Government Surveillance on College Campuses." I downloaded it off SSRN, printed a copy, and finished the 20 pg paper during my 1 hour flight from Sacramento to Burbank.

Nida's article is informative, interesting, and important. Right after the article introduction, Nida discusses the shocking history of college surveillance - the FBI (not full-blooded Ilocanos for my pin@y peeps) resorting to insane tactics that are crazier than some episodes of Scandal. My conspiracy theorist/speculative side was immediately hooked and my mind was blown at the crazy sh!t the FBI has done targeting college students that are reminiscent of Tiananmen.

I never personally took a privacy class in law school, but Nida's legal analysis makes the subject super easy to follow. Nida sets forth just enough background material so that it is not overwhelming, and makes the relevant legal jargon accessible (and a nice refresher on 1st and 4th amendment Constitutional law- this would be helpful for bar exam study!) Nida is number one in making puns, and her humor carries throughout the article. Even the title of the article itself presents a serious topic in a not-so-serious manner; reflective of the author's personality.

If you are into conspiracy theories/a Shonda Rhimes fan, are concerned about privacy/individual rights, or just like being informed on important issues, then I highly suggest reading Nida's article! Even better, it's FREE!

Post-brunch pic with the author herself from today, 4.29.18 | Hermosa Beach


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