What it's like to go to a toilet + Totoro pop-up shop in San Francisco

If you like Japanese things and are around the Bay Area, check out the Studio Ghibli Pop-up Shop at Toto Concept 190 in San Francisco! It is hosted by the bookstore Kinokuniya and is running until Sunday, March 18. You must first reserve [free] tickets to enter during a one hour slot via Eventbrite. They have a person at the door scanning the QR codes, but let in my friend 15 minutes early when she gave the name of the ticketholder.

If you turn immediately right, you get to make a soot sprite (from "My Neighbor Totoro"). They provide markers and a small circular sticker that you can stick to the wall!

Jocelyn adding to the art!

In the center of the space was a Totoro camphor tree filled with Studio Ghibli plushies: 

While waiting in line for the bathroom, we saw a selfie booth. Toto had two fun frames featuring their washlets. 

If you upload it on social media with #totowashletSF, you get a free mini toilet keychain. If you open it, it shines a light. YAY CRAP! 

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with this. One possible use is as an earring:

In the back of the shop there was the "Toto" concept: 4 bathrooms with Japanese Toto toilets and a special surprise. These bathrooms are #goals and it was fascinating learning about all the features of a Japanese toilet: a seat warmer, a rod that rinses the "crater south of the equator," dryer, and an air deodorizer. It was one of the most entertaining bathroom experiences I've had recently.

Besides plushies, they had walls of merchandise and photo ops:

I touched things, but didn't love them enough to warrant paying the super-inflated prices. It was still a fun time, and my friends and I spent around 30 minutes checking out the pop-up. Being there made me appreciative of Miyazaki's masterpieces and reminded me to cherish my inner child-at-heart.


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