The Magic of Ag Day

Government work is by no means glamorous, but I do try to make the most of the few perks I have being a state worker. One of the best perks is getting early access to "Ag Day." Ag (short for agriculture) Day, is a day sponsored by the California Department of Food and Agriculture where the agriculture community showcases the "bounty of crops and commodities produced in our state" (aka free crap galore!)
It was literally my favorite day of work last year, where my coworkers and I went outside and went from booth to booth getting food samples such as tri-tip sandwiches and little bottles of chocolate milk, reusable bags, and fun knick-knacks such as a cow squeeze toy that decreases stress.

2017 haul:
I almost forgot about the raisins- nature's candy! 

Betsy is still on my desk today~ (though has mostly been used as a chew toy for Sunny Dodd)

This year it rained, but that did not deter me from fulfilling my inner-Asian destiny to collect as much random crap as possible. This included a hat that says "California Almonds," a chicken calendar, an Asian-style fan with almonds, and a blue apron [not related to the meal prep.]
2018 haul:

I also interacted with a small chicken, failed at getting a selfie with an alpaca, and took a pic with a cow!
(Seeing the cow did make me feel slightly sad since it was trapped by the metal bars.)

I learned a lot about California also, I had no idea that:

  • California grows 2/3 of the country's nuts and fruits
  • There is an Almond Board of California
  • California produces the most food (by value) in the U.S.
Overall, Ag Day really is a celebration of California and makes me proud of our state. 

Ag Day is the best day ever!


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