Dear Angela,

I've been seeing a few "Memories" re: the 2013 LA Marathon, and I thought about you because you were one of the main reasons and inspiration for me to run it that year. I originally wanted to just do half marathons because of Lindsey Ngo running the Disney half, and never thought I would push my physical limits to (mostly) run 26.2 miles. Maybe that's also why I decided to read the Haruki Murakami book "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running," which I think you would appreciate as a runner (and maybe you can copy some of his routes along the Meiji Jingu Gaien, though I have no idea how far away you are from there.) Or it might even inspire you to write about your own running journey [all in one story rather than scattered blog posts, or it could even be a blog post!]

I can't believe it has been almost 6 years since the OC half (my first half ever), and although my cardio is unlikely to return to that level, it's great to see your physical progress upgrading to ultra-marathons and staying healthy in general! You're quite ambitious to go for 27 goals all in one year, but your drive makes me smile and I hope that setting objective goals is something that will help you make the most of this next year. 

I'm personally glad that it's also helping us reconnect! I agree that by writing out these goals, you are already making yourself more accountable, and also creating opportunities for others to help you. I especially love the goal of "baking at dad’s donut shop," an homage to Cambodian-American culture while also a chance to bond with your dad and learn his legacy. I am definitely down for a virtual donut bake-off (though I already call you winning because I could be on America's Worst Bakers). 

Anyways, thanks so much for sharing your goals. I'd like to think starting this blog will help me re-connect and help others, and your blog post about my blog post made me feel appreciated. And Sac to LA is a lot closer than Asia so there will be more opportunities to catch up in person. In the meantime, I know you'll make the most of your months abroad, and can't wait to see how far you'll go with your goals! 


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