Poo-pourri: overpriced odor eliminator or heaven in a bottle?

I first saw Poo-pourri in a commercial on youtube and thought: is this for real? Essentially, a bougie white lady says that her poop smells bad, but she no longer worries about her poop stinking up bathrooms because of this magical product. A few sprays [of this essential oil + other ingredients mix] creates a layer that traps the smell of your poop and allows you to flush it away. It's not super cheap though, while some aerosol air fresheners are only a couple of bucks, poo-pourri can be up to $10 for a 2 oz. bottle. Is it worth it?


My friend Josey brought it on our month-long post-bar-exam trip to Asia and it was a lifesaver. There were times when there were 3-4 people and I sharing a single bathroom and poo-pourri ensured that we wouldn't have to wait for the bathroom to air out after any of us pooped. Travel is also a time when you are supposed to experience different cultures by trying out all the food, and you're not sure how your body will react so poo-pourri can save you the embarrassment of stinking up your bathroom.

The small size of the bottle ensures that you can carry-it-on with you when you fly, and I guess it'd fit a normal-sized purse. Poo-pourri also advertises as having less harsh chemicals than unnatural air deodorizers, so it's a win for your health and the environment. Also, I have recently become obsessed with essential oils and their somehow magical properties. I bought a small bottle for my Hawaii trip, and 3-4 people using it most of the day for 5 days went through about 1/3 of a 1 oz. bottle. All in all, a couple bucks is a small price to pay compared to shame of stinking up a bathroom, so consider buying some poo-pourri if you're traveling and sharing a bathroom, or just want to make the world a fresher place!


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