How to throw a sip-and-see baby shower

One of my coworkers recently had a baby, and another one of my very extra coworkers (Jamie) wanted to throw a party at our office in celebration. 

It was very successful and a nice break from work/opportunity to drink Veuve at 10 AM. Disclaimer: I did not do any of the party planning, I merely approved the email invitation, brought fruit (which I knew no one would eat), and provided moral support for Jamie as she labored on her [Disney] diaper cake. 

Here is my guide on how to throw a sip-and-see baby shower at the office: 

1. Look at Pinterest for party inspiration (i.e. rubber ducky theme)

2. Ask supervisor for permission to throw party, then email the office a cute invitation
3. Delegate some duties to coworkers but really do most of the work yourself 
4. Shop for party decor and baby items because it’s “fun”
5. Question why you are spending the weekend making a diaper cake and update your coworker(s) for validation of your efforts
The finished product was beautiful!
6. Sip some mimosas (or straight up bubbly for my second glass) and get at least 1 cute picture with the bundle-of-joy

All-in-all this party was very fun and a beautiful showing of office camaraderie. As Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and the rest of the High School Musical cast said: “We’re all in this together!”


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