How much time do I spend on social media?

I probably spend too much time on social media. I tend to look at my phone whenever I get bored or want a break/distraction, and also check on social media somewhat more now that I have an apple watch. After a Life Entrepreneurship workshop this weekend, I resolved to stop spending more than an hour a day on social media.

Yesterday I did a self-assessment, guessing that I spent about 2 hours yesterday browsing instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat. Back at work today, I endeavored to check apps less frequently, and noticed my productivity went up. After work I researched "apps to track time on social media," and many of them were android exclusive which wouldn't help me. I don't feel like paying $10 a month to keep track of the time I spend, so I decided to use the battery setting to get an objective measure of how much time I spend on social media:

So as of today, I am definitely failing my goal of spending less than an hour on social media per day. I use facebook on safari, so this isn't truly representative of my time on social media. I'm probably still averaging two hours per day, which I'd like to reduce to one hour so that I could use an extra hour on self-improvement rather than wondering why I'm not traveling the world or comparing my life to others.

Although many people have claimed they are happier with a social media cleanse, I think it's probably too extreme for me and I would need some social media to avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). If anyone has suggestions on how to limit social media or any economically and efficient method of keeping track of time spent on social media, I'd really appreciate it!


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